Bittersweet Café provides the mountain and beyond with fresh, delicious small-batch food and drink. Unwilling to sacrifice quality for large-scale production prioritizing speed, we are putting flavor first.  We have sought and found a way to eat better.  Family recipes sprinkled with innovative ideas and a limited menu seasonally based on what is fresh locally, what customers are requesting and what strikes our fancy contribute to our excellence along with the quality and freshness of our choices.  As much as possible we serve grass-fed meats, free-range chickens and eggs, fresh local produce, some of which begins on site in our raised herb beds.  We value our local farms and farmers and recognize the treasures they provide us with are the keys to our success.
The Laurel Highlands has been blessed with a myriad of natural delights and we are blessed to be able to serve the travelers who seek them and in turn bless them with a thoughtful, delicious experience.

A Unique Garden Café in Farmington, PA with Fresh, Thoughtful Food